Longview Minister Turns Professional Boxer

A Longview minister is hoping to spread the gospel in the ring, after turning into a professional boxer. Douglas Robertson won his first professional fight in Houston last week, and while that might not be big news for most of us, it was reason to celebrate for his congregation at Outreach Tabernacle in Longview... he's a minister there.

"I plan on being the next heavyweight champion of the world," says Robertson. Nicknamed "preacher man", he's the quiet, religious winner of numerous "tough man" contests around the country. Very family oriented, Robertson also balances his weekday job as a welder with spreading a message of hope in sermons on Sundays. Needless to say, his decision to become a fighter took many friends and family by surprise.

"I was very much against it, I was thinking he was crazy and I was like, Doug what are you doing? You have no boxing experience, what are you trying to do," says his wife of ten years Latrecia.

"He's a humble spirit, doesn't seem like he's got that tiger in him, so when he said he was entering the tough man contest I'm thinking man what?" says Outreach Pastor Doc Murphy.

Robertson says balancing preaching the gospel and the violent world of boxing isn't as hard as it might seem.

"Its just a sport if you look at it as a sport you see the difference and its not a conflict there," says Robertson.

He's already made many believe in his dream. "Never give up on a dream, and if you keep God in the center of it, you'll always achieve that dream," Robertson says.

His next pro fight in scheduled for September in Hollywood.

Bob Hallmark KLTV 7 news.