Family, Friends Remember Tyler Woman

This past week we brought you the story of Judy Lloyd.  An East Texas woman who, along with her husband, was hoping to adopt a 10-year-old Russian boy.

Judy and her husband Jon were on a trip to Russia last week, hoping to finalize that adoption when suddenly, something tragic happened. Sunday morning, the day before a final hearing on the adoption, Judy suffered a fatal heart attack.

Today friends and family remembered the woman, they say, was always thinking of others.

Those who knew her say Judy was the perfect woman. Loving mom, devoted wife, caring friend. With thousands of those friends in attendance daughter Janna talked about her mom.

"It makes me proud that she was my mom and all the things that she has taught me and I hope my family can see her in me."

Judy's three daughters all had loving words to say about their mother as they stood hand in hand before the thousands in attendance at Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler.

"She was a great woman, the best mom a girl could ask for," said Alicia Lloyd. "She was a great wife too, loved my dad with all her heart and my dream is that I'll grow up one day and be just like her."

Brother Bryan Adair choked backed tears as he talked about his sister. A devout Christian, he tells of a woman concerned more for others than herself.

"I remember the last words she said, some of the last words she said was this.. 'Taylor deserves the right to know Jesus like we know Jesus.", so she was on a mission, and that mission will still be fulfilled."

In her 49 years, Judy Lloyd was able to touch so many lives. Husband Jon says that is what she will be remembered for.

"Judy loved people so much, the second commandment says 'Love thy neighbor as thy self', she did that, through little ways, she did that... God loves that so much."

The Lloyd family intends to continue with their efforts to adopt Taylor. Daughters Alicia and Katie had planned to attend college at Texas A&M this fall. They have now chosen to attend UT Tyler, so they can stay close to home to help their dad with their new brother.

Chris Gibson, reporting