Owners of ETX gas station arrested after drug bust

Phillip Chang. Photo Source: Anderson County Jail.
Phillip Chang. Photo Source: Anderson County Jail.
Que Chau Truong. Photo Source: Anderson County Jail.
Que Chau Truong. Photo Source: Anderson County Jail.

FRANKSTON, TX (KLTV) - Authorities say two East Texans are under arrest after a narcotics bust at a gas station in Anderson County.

Tuesday around 5:45 p.m., Frankston police and the Anderson County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant at the PC Corner Store and Texaco station, at the corner of Highway 175 and Highway 155 in Frankston.

"Recently we've had a break in our investigation and we were able to get some video documented information and get a warrant," says Frankston Chief of Police Darren Goodman.

Police say that four people were detained, and that the station's owner, Phillip Chang and his wife Que Chau Truong were arrested and booked into the Anderson County Jail on charges of possession/sale of illicit and illegal narcotics.

"We're just tickled to death we were able to get at least one drug dealer off the street for at least a while," says Frankston Mayor Al Mann.

Police say they've been working on making this arrest for more than two years, and that the tips and phone calls from the people of Frankston over that time were a big part of their investigation.

"We've been receiving tips from our citizens about concerns about illegal activities going on at this establishment. It's not easy to get into these places doing these things so it's taken a little bit of time to make that happen but we've done that," Goodman says.

Mayor Mann says one of his top priorities is keeping drugs out of Frankston. He hopes everyone in his community feels a little safer after Tuesday night's bust.

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