Citizen Patrol Class In Longview

Police in Longview are getting some extra help in fighting crime from average citizens. About a dozen volunteers trained in the Citizen's Patrol Class today. They will join dozens of others who already make up the Citizen's Patrol. The volunteers use their own vehicles and their own gas, and become another set of eyes and ears for police.

They patrol streets and help in numerous ways, from spotting stolen cars to searching for missing children. Volunteers with the Citizen's Patrol say they do it because they want to help stop crime.

"We have too many people out there that do sit back and Monday morning quarterback... Well they should have done this they should have done that .. I challenge people to find out what these guys are up against out here everyday... Its our community we got to police it ourselves" says citizen patrol member Mike White.

The citizens patrol is certified once a year, and has been serving the city for the past 9 years.