Stolen pet store puppy found by owner

The search for puppy stolen from an East Texas pet store is over ,with the pup found in a wooded area of Gregg county. A suspect was caught on security video at 'Wet Pets N Critters' in Longview stealing a puppy named Spencer, by stuffing it into his jacket, and leaving.

"Its been 10 long days of no rest , phone calls researching. I had so many people give me tips on where he was," says store owner Laura Borens.

An anonymous tip to Borens led her to a wooded area off Locker Plant road in Gladewater.

"At sunrise this morning I went back out there. I drove up to a cattle guard and looked in the brush and there he was," Borens says.

It started with Borens getting a facebook tip on the man seen in the video, and she did her own investigating.

"I drove around the area where he lived I was looking to see if maybe Spencer was walking around in the yard. I had gotten information that he was going to harm him," says Borens.

Borens says she called law enforcement to check out the man.

"The sheriffs department actually knocked on his door last night and he let him search his home," she says.

Nothing was found, but then the tip that led to Gladewater.

"Spencer was back there in the brush, soaking wet freezing he'd been there all night. I'm so glad to have a happy outcome," Borens says.

The suspect has not been charged at this time. Investigators say a probable cause report will have to be made to determine whether a warrant will be issued for the suspect. Longview police say the theft falls under misdemeanor theft.

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