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Harvard student heard shots, explosions between police and bombing suspects


Harvard graduate student Bryann DaSilva was outside in Cambridge, MA last night when he heard "loud bangs." It turns out those noises were the firefight between police officers and the two suspects in Monday's Boston marathon bombings.

"First I heard the sirens, then I heard this loud bang," DaSilva said. "I wasn't sure if it was a crash or gunfire. It really didn't sound like either of those."

DaSilva said the violence came as a shock to the neighborhood, which was still coming to grips from the bombings on Monday. 

"For the past few days, we've been grieving and coming together and figuring out what to do," DaSilva said. "Nobody thought this would happen again. I was very surprised that again I had to send a second message to my loved ones saying that I was fine. It's just shocking that sort of thing would happen."

Suspects led police on a chase right past DaSilva's apartment near Harvard to the neighboring Watertown.

"I received almost a dozen emails from various Harvard authorities instructing us to stay inside," he said. "The whole school, the whole university was closed today. Everything was shut down. Cambridge really is a ghost town right now."

DaSilva said even after the outdoor ban is lifted, he's not sure he would go outside immediately anyways.

"I feel like I'm a prisoner right now in my own home," he said. "Honestly I'm just too scared to leave. I think the best way to describe how I feel right now is paralyzed."

Students say they are turning to each other for comfort after this week of tragedy. 

"People are really confused and really scared," DaSilva said. "They don't know what to do besides get on their phones or get on their computers and talk to one another because they don't really know what's happening.  We don't really know what's out there. Being together and being with one another seems to be everybody's priority right now."

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