West victim: The only thing that saved me was son's '66 Chevy

Jeanette Holecek says she was home alone and her husband was at the cattle auction, when a neighbor called her outside to see the initial fire at the West Fertilizer Plant. She was standing on her porch watching it when a passerby told her she needed to leave because of the possibility of an explosion. She grabbed her keys and headed to the car, but before she made it there, an explosion knocked her to the ground.

"I was standing at my car ready to hit the thing to unlock the door and my carport fell down on me... the plywood and the bricks from the house on me, from about my waist down covered with the wood and the brick," she said.

She still had her cellphone in her hand and from beneath the rubble,  she called her son for help.

He was able to dig her out. Then, they grabbed her dog and followed evacuation orders.

That night she saw her house going up in flames on CNN.  Her husband refused to believe it.

"The guy that drew our house plans, his wife, he called and said 'Jeanette that's your house,' and I said, 'I know but I can't convince James!"

Her nephew, an R.N., was allowed in the area. Thursday morning he called her, asking what she wanted out of her home.

He said, "I'm on your carport. I said, 'It didn't burn?' and he said no."

He was able to find her purse, wallet and some medication. Her house wasn't ashes, but it was a pile of rubble.

"They can't believe that I was alive. They thought I was dead, because... the only thing that saved me is my son's '66 Chevy. It's made of steel... it's not like our new cars that.. whoever was with travis said, if there had been a regular vehicle there.. it would have pushed it and my car into me and into the brick I'm here.

Jeanette is eager to get back to what's left of her house to see what if anything she can salvage.

The local Chevy dealership has set up a fund for victims in West and a Waco company in contributing to the cause.

"God Bless West" t-shirts started being printed yesterday and already hundreds have been sold today.

They're available at Greg May Chevrolet in West and at WP promotions in Waco, but don't worry... East Texans can also order them online

People wanting a shirt are asked to make a $10 donation. See the "God Bless West" in the Big Red Box on KLTV.com's home page.

Also, Greg May Chevrolet has set up a foundation for that money. I stopped by their office today and they told me all of the money will go the victims of this explosion.

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