Emotional Reunion For East Texas Soldier

For six months, Lt. Matthew Wilson has been serving the US in Iraq. But Matt started out in East Texas at Chapel Hill, and later graduated from the prestigious military school, West Point.

Today Ann and Lee Wilson are waiting....waiting like they have been for the past six months for their son Matthew to come home.

"I'm sure he's changed some, but I'm hoping he'll come back like he was when he left. We've missed him a lot," says Matt's mother, Anne Wilson.

At 25 years old, he's been stationed in Iraq and is finally coming home from a journey that took him thousands of miles away.

"The time that I've had the hardest with, was when his platoon was attacked with suicide bombers, I think some of his platoon was injured and those were hard days," says Anne.

But today is a good day as time ticks by and their son gets closer. The Wilsons say the past six months haven't been easy.

"At night time, he'll go out and blow doors down, and go in an arresting people. He's going after the bad guys," says his father Lee Wilson.

"Sometimes I wish maybe I was the one out there doing that, but we all serve our purpose, and I think he's the best one for that, " says Matt's brother, Marcus.

And finally they see the face they've been waiting for since the day they said goodbye.

"I've been traveling for four days, and I've been waiting to come back for a long time."

He's home now, but only for two weeks.

"It's really hard to say goodbye, but this is something we've known since he went to West Point. This is his life. Military this is something you learn," says Ann.

But what does Matt think? He says no matter how long he's away from the ones who love him most, he will continue fighting for American and Iraqi freedom.

"It just feels good to make a difference. I know that we're helping a lot of people and it's hard sometimes but in the end I know it will be worthwhile."

Reporting: Braid Sharp bsharp@kltv.com