East Texas Business To Get National Exposure

Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, right? Well, a Tyler businessman will get about half that, but he's not complaining one bit.

Tom Ramey is the owner of Vu Ryte, Inc. in Tyler. In the coming weeks he'll showcase his newest product in front of a national audience on "QVC"

Tucked into a small office building on Tyler's Southwest side, you'll find the world headquarters of Vu Ryte Inc.

For 12 years Vu Ryte has been pumping out products designed to make work around the computer a little more pleasant.

"We started with an idea and no money and we said there is a better way to build some computer accessories," said owner Tom Ramey III.

But it's their newest invention, tagged "My Treasure Box", that could make this small company a big hit.

"What a computer really is is steel and plastic and glass and a few other metals, it's a very sterile environment so we said lets come up with an idea that personalizes it, it doesn't have to be sterile," said Ramey.

Part storage space, part picture frame and even a little greenery thrown in, the company had it's idea. What it didn't have was a way to market it to the public. That's where the popular TV shopping network "QVC" comes in.

"We went to Philadelphia and we walked into this big amphitheater and I was thinking there would be 10 of us there," said Ramey. "There were 300 vendors there all wanting to be on QVC."

Out of 300, Ramey learned just two would make it to air.

"I had a terrible presentation, nothing about it looked well, the buyer never even looked at me so I called the office after the presentation said we tried, gave it our best shot, it didn't work out lets look for another vendor' and boom four days later they said bingo you're in."

Armed with his idea, Ramey will have just six minutes to make others feel the same passion. Ramey will travel to Philadelphia next week for a day of "QVC" training. His product will debut on on the network, august 31st, for a six minute time slot some time between 5 and 7 p-m.