Major Texas explosion

We are continuing to learn more information about a gigantic fire at a fertilizer plant near Waco.  We've received reports that schools and houses in the area are on fire.  We will confirm what's happened and have a new report at 10.

One official says a mystery novel couldn't have come up with as many twists and turns as have become part of the Kaufman murder investigation.  We're continuing to lead the way in local coverage of the national story.  Lauren Callahan has a new report tonight at 10 that details the confession a Kaufman county woman made regarding her involvement in the murders of Assistant D.A. Mark Hasse, D.A. Mike McClelland and Mike's wife, Cynthia.

We have a Crimefighter's bust.  See who's moving from the wanted board at 10.

Storm Tracker 7 Meteorologist Brett Collar is tracking the potentially rough weather that may move through the area.  He'll have a new forecast for you at 10 so you know what to expect.