One-handed baseball player turning heads

VAN, TX (KLTV) - Jacob Tobias is used to people literally stopping and staring.

"I see a lot of people pointing, saying, 'look at the kid out there,' I get a lot of reactions usually."

Don't worry, he's used to it.

"Ever since I was little people would come up to me and ask, 'how do you do stuff like this?"

His response?

The same as it has been all his life.

The Van sophomore was born without most of his left arm.

He adapted to the game quickly.

"I remember being frustrated at how easy my dad and brother could do it [playing catch]," said Tobias. "Seeing me had to do it a little different way, it was sometimes frustrating."

So with the help of his family, he learned to play the game one-handed.

"He wants to prove to anyone that he competes against that he deserves to be on the same field as they do," said Van head coach Jerami Hawkins.

His one-handed play has even sparked some serious story-telling.

"Every coach we played would ask about him, so we just decided to see who could embellish the most," said Hawkins.

"That I was actually in a shark attack, that is usually what I get the most," said Tobias. "That I was surfing and a shark bit my arm off."

The stories aren't real, but his play on the field is.

"A lot of people tell me and the guys joke with me, if I had two hands I would be going pro by now."

He says he doesn't mind people talking about his left arm or lack thereof.

He does all his talking, with his right arm.

"You will never hear him use that has a crutch or a shortcoming," said Hawkins. "He actually uses that to his advantage."

"That just gives me more motivation to prove that I am just as good as anyone else with two hands, and I am going to prove that I don't need another hand to do my best."

According to MaxPreps, Tobias is batting over .280 this year and has scored 17 runs for the Vandals.

Tobias also plays football and runs track at Van.

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