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Apartment fire sends two to Longview hospital

A fire Sunday night sent two East Texans to the hospital.

It happened near the intersection of Young and Eastman road in Longview.

We spoke with a fast-thinking neighbor who realized she had to make sure people got out of the burning building.

Mary Odom knows about fires. Her house recently burned and she said this fire scared her daughter Faith, bringing back those memories. Mary said they were outside and just happened to spot the flames.

"I ran in the house and I grabbed my phone and I called 911. And I'm running over there to see the building number so I can see the exact address. He's asking me if there's anybody else in there and I said I don't know, so I went to the side that wasn't on fire. I started knocking on doors and I got the one guy to come out, and then when I came down and stepped out of the door, as soon as I stepped out of the door I heard gas spewing and so I came back to my house and about that time the fire trucks showed up," Mary recalled.

Two were sent to the hospital; one who suffered from smoke inhalation and one who was injured jumping out of a second story window because the front door was blocked by fire.

Yolanda Canizalez is a neighbor of Mary and shot some video with her phone. She says she worries about the buildings.

"I might be next; me and my kids. I'm kind of terrified for it may be happening to us, because I don't feel that our buildings are very safe. My electricity also is kind of messed up in my apartment, and other people's and family member apartments," Yolanda said.

Last month the Longview Fire Department inspected the Belaire Manor Apartments and found they didn't have enough fire alarms. Yolanda said she spoke with the fire department about that, and now she has smoke detectors in her apartment.

The Longview Fire Department confirms that.

Mary and Yolanda both may have helped keep the situation from being much worse.

The Longview Fire Department says the fire started in the front of apartment 84 near a window unit air conditioner. They say the fire was not intentionally set.

The victims suffered from non- life threatening injuries.

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