Taking Out Tonsils In A Whole New Way

The Yeager family just dropped off their four year old daughter at the Tyler Square out-patient surgery center, a part of Trinity Mother Frances Health Systems.

Daren, little Elaina's father, says she needs a tonsillectomy because her tonsils are so large they're causing her sleep apnea.

"She'd breathe pretty loudly and sometimes stop breathing while she was sleeping," says Daren.

But Elaina won't be getting a normal tonsillectomy. Instead she'll be getting something called coblation, which uses radio frequency waves instead of a knife to remove her tonsils. Because there's no knife, Dr. Paul Fulmer says there is also very little pain afterward.

"That's the hardest thing for so many years about trying to take tonsils out of little children is getting them to eat. Every mother who has been through that knows it is difficult that first week. If there is anything we can do to cut down the pain that makes a huge difference,"says Dr. Fulmer.

Dr. Fulmer uses a little wand to apply the radio waves to the tonsils. The radio waves dissolve the tonsils, but don't touch or harm any other tissues. There's also no bleeding. 15 minutes later the procedure is done. Now Eliana will finally be able to get a good night's sleep. Something the whole family is happy about.