Seafood grilled on Himalayan Salt block from Sweet Gourmet

Cooking with Himalayan salt blocks is such a fun idea for parties or family get-togethers!It's unique and cooks seafood to perfection.

The blocks can also be chilled and used to serve cold items, like shrimp cocktail or sushi, keeping them cold during your dinner, as well.

Pam's easy party shrimp cooked on Himalayan salt block:

Heat the block in cold oven to 400 degrees, or place on charcoal grill, or even on stovetop.

Place marinated shrimp or other seafood on block.

Turn after two minutes. Cook on second side; cook until opaque.

Recommended fish or shrimp marinade: Earth and Vine mango-tequila-jalapeno grilling sauce

Asparagus, zucchini, etc. can be cooked on the salt block, as well. Toss veggies in rosemary olive oil, place on hot block until heated through, and serve.

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