East Texan selected for national Under Armour shoe challenge

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - Caleb Milewski loves Under Armour. A lot.

"It was a joke that I should be an Under Armor spokesperson, cause that is all I wear all their gear," said Milewski. "So when I tell everyone it is kind of like, "ha ha," I got something out of it finally."

What he got a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"I had gotten a random email and when I got it I was thinking that it was probably nothing real."

But it was very real. Caleb was one of only 500 people in America, chosen to take part in the Under Armor Spine Challenge. Part of a campaign to showcase their new shoes, a pair of which they sent to him.

"Just to get randomly selected like that is pretty cool and intense."

But it got better. As part of the challenge, Caleb had to make a video, showcasing him doing extraordinary things. He has to do it all while wearing his new shoes.

"We brainstormed on it, what should we do to try and win this competition?"

Nothing was off-limits.

"I had my neice and nephew get on a dumbell bar and I pressed them into the air." said Milewski.
"I put Under Armor clothes on my English Mastiff and went for a run with her. It is definitely a little embarrassing."

But he says, it's all worth it.

"When it comes down to it, even though I don't like being on Youtube or being on camera, it is sort of like competing against everyone else,  just to try and win the top prize."

The grand prize includes exclusive training with a pro trainer and Under Armour shoes for five years.

He's already a winner.

"At least I got a free pair of shoes out of is, so that is cool enough."

And who doesn't love free stuff? You can see Caleb's video on YouTube by CLICKING HERE.

The winner is based on the amount of hits they receive.

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