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East Texans react to gun control bill clearing first hurdle in Senate


Conservatives were defeated in an attempt to block the gun proposals from coming to the floor for debate and a vote. Gun law supporters needed 60 votes to block conservatives, a number they exceeded.

Something that did not surprise Chairman of the Smith County Democratic Party, David Henderson.

"Even the republican party can recognize when ninety percent of the American people favor something and so there should be those kinds of numbers," Henderson said.

Now, the Texas Democratic Party's Task Force for Common Sense on Gun Violencehas released a list of recommendations when it comes to gun legislation. Here are a few items they support:
increased support for mental health programs, expanded background checks, prohibiting the sale and delivery of a 10 round magazine, as well as opposing any law that allows firearms to be possessed or carried on school campuses by anyone other than a peace officer.

"Number one would be increasing background checks because the mental program is not a quick cure," said Henderson.

Increased mental health programs and services in Texas is the one issue on the list the Smith County Republican Party Chairman supports.

"I fully agree there needs to be more focus on the mental health aspect," said Chairman Tim McCormick.

"There's not a whole lot else I do agree with in what I've seen of their press release. I'm seeing another proposal by democrats that's attempting to restrict the rights of the law abiding because of the bad acts of the non law abiding, by criminals," said McCormick.

Henderson disagrees.

"I don't find it controversial. I mean, had they done something real crazy and said, 'We're going to round up everybody's you know, AK-47s,' I would have said, 'No, I don't think so, not in East Texas, we're not going to do that,'" Henderson said.

While supporters of these tougher gun laws have won a key vote in the Senate, the House Majority Leader said they still have a battle ahead of them.

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