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Large oak tree smashes into Shreveport home

Several severe storms have swept through the region within the past couple of weeks, leaving several downed trees on roads and homes.

Sholanda Holt witnessed what the severe weather can do on Wednesday night. "I heard a boom like it was thundering, it really was like a rumble," says Holt, who awakened to the sound of a tree crashing.

She ran outside, fearing the worse.

"I thought the tree was on top of my house, it was so loud."

Instead, the tree was lying on her neighbor's house, where a mother and son were inside at the time.

"They were really scared. I asked them if they were ok, and they said they were ok," said Holt, who is a landlord and has an idea of what her neighbor is experiencing. She had an oak tree fall on one of her properties just a few weeks ago. Now she is eyeing a large tree in her own yard, wanting to take action before the next storm rolls through. "I'm going to get the tree cut because I'm scared of trees falling on my property," said Holt.

John Lafitte, owner of Lafitte tree specialists, says many oak trees have fallen recently because the severe drought over the past couple of years have made trees weaker. That, combined with the rain and high wind, uprooted the trees.

With the way Holt's neighbor's tree fell, Lafitte says her neighbors were lucky. "The house didn't catch the full brunt of it. It could have been a lot worse," said Lafitte.

After too many close calls for Holt, she says she will look at the trees in her yard -- and on all her properties  -- more closely, hoping to prevent a tragedy from happening.

"Homeowners and landlords, please get your trees cut because it could keep an accident from happening," she said.

Be sure to consult a professional before you go ahead and start chopping trees down, not all may be threats.

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