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Weber's Cafe Closes After 122 Years


More than 120 years ago, Weber's Cafe opened its doors and ever since, it has been the spot in the South Cumminsville community.

A few things are certain when you walk through the door at Weber's, you're guaranteed cheap drinks, friendly service, and everyone will know you by name.

But on Wednesday night, like many neighborhood bars before it, Weber's closed the door for the last time.

"Thanks Kenny," owner George Young said to a visitor coming to say goodbye. "Two tone! I gave you that nick name in 1955."

With 26 years of ownership under his belt, and an additional 25 years as a regular at Weber's, George Young knows everyone by name, and had likely given them a nickname.

"You give me $2.50, I'll give you a beer. You give me $3, I'll give you a mixed drink," Young said.

"Cash on the wood makes your transaction good!"

Priding itself on "Warm beer, cold wine, and bad booze," the local watering hole is one of few neighborhood bars that have lasted this long.

"Things change," Young explained. "The neighborhood changed. The businesses have gone away and it's just time to go."

Outside things may have changed, but inside, you'll see the proud trophies of softball, baseball and flag football teams all sponsored by Weber's.

"Good people you can't replace," Young said. "This lady right here, Nancy O'Keefe. She's been here forever."

She's been the book keeper, bartender, and whatever else was needed at Weber's for 37 years.

"Like I said, I've been here so long, of course I'm going to miss them," O'Keefe said. "We're going to miss each other."

O'Keefe said that if the crowd that came to show support on Wednesday came by more often, maybe they wouldn't be closing the doors.

But as chain bars and restaurants continue to pop up across Cincinnati, places like Weber's are becoming a thing of the past.

"The younger people are just going down to those places," said Weber's regular Rich Linz. "And people like us want friendship, want relationships, good times. There's just not too many of them left."

"I've been successful because of my friends," Young added.

Weber's regulars are enjoyed last call until the last beer was gone.

At the end of the night, George Young locked the doors and went upstairs where he has lived since 1970.

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