Gift of Love: Landen

It was an exciting afternoon for Landen as he got up close and personal with a real fire truck.

"Landen is 8. He has been diagnosed with autism. More towards the severe end of the spectrum. A sweet little boy but routine and structure is important for him," Intensive Adoption Coordinator Ashley Gipson said.

Landen is non-verbal, but is making great progress in sounding out words. Landen loves for things to be on a strict, predictable schedule and he prefers organization in his living environment. Landen does not do well with spontaneity or loud, chaotic environments. He likes to be spoken to calmly and does best with many praises for good behaviors and skill building. He also loves to play.

"He loves his Legos. He will play with Legos all day long for hours and hours at a time," Gipson said.

Landen also enjoys looking at picture books. When it comes to his favorite food , chicken nuggets, corn dogs and french fries stop the list. His favorite subject at school is art class.

"Landen is going to need a home that has experience or an understand of autism, a home that is going to be able to provide him with a lot of structure, a home that is going to work with him, be patient with him and also advocate for him in the school setting," Gipson said.

It is very important to Landen to build a strong trust with people before he will open to them.

It is expected that Landen may show signs of regression when he moves to an adoptive home until he adjusts and become comfortable with his new family.

"Loves to give hugs, can show lots of affection. he's a sweet loving child that wants to be adopted," Gipson said.

And to find a family that will show him the Gift of Love.