Better East Texas: Brad Paisley song

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Country music singer Brad Paisley and rapper L.L. Cool Jay collaborated on a song that has the media talking.

You see how I worded that because this, which is a sort of confession laced dialogue, has sparked a lot of media coverage.  Paisley states that his purpose was to trigger a dialogue on race relations in America and along with L.L. Cool Jay ask tough questions about stereotypes and the legacy of the South and attitudes that still create division among Americans.  But the media jumped on this before anyone else and while the publicity of the song is productive you don't see a groundswell of support or protesters weighing in on the song.

It is a media driven event and it seems that many that are covering the racial angle of the song are baiting the water to get some type of volcanic reaction.  It seems also that typically when someone instantly jumps in to play the race card on something like this story, that they are the ones with some type of personal agenda or platform and it usually is not productive.  America is becoming more and more blended and I believe most of our young people see race completely different than those of us older than 45 and that is not a bad thing.

And as for the song, a dialogue is needed to perhaps cause the final barrier to fall that has haunted Americans for more than 150 years and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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