Better East Texas: College stabbing

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Another campus attack and more than a dozen college students are injured but this time the weapon was not a rifle or handgun but some type of knife.

The suspect appears to have carried out the crime alone and it looks also like the victims were all random.  While the debate on gun control continues, events like this stabbing attack at Lone Star College near Houston remind us that evil finds a way and it does not have to take the form of an attack using a firearm.

This is the other side of the gun debate that has already been swept aside and minimized and that is the mental health side and responsibility of people to act when they suspect or see someone developing mental health issues that are potentially dangerous.  Now, we are learning more about the attacker but it is plausible to conclude that someone saw he was moving toward losing control in the time before the attack.

We must increase our ability as a society to deal with mental illness, especially conditions that lead to violence such as this attack.  Thankfully some students intervened as casualties could have been much worse.

Yes, evil always seems to find a way and until we step up the fight against it we will continue to see the impact of a troubled portion of society.

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