Gift Of Love: Heather & Dillon, Two Remarkable Siblings

Parents like to brag on their children, proudly sharing all their accomplishments. We want you to meet two siblings who have a lot to be proud of, only they don't have a family to share their achievements. They're hoping that will soon change.

Heather and Dillon spent part of their summer at the Pine Cove Christian Camp just outside Tyler. While they enjoy spending time together, like any siblings, there is rivalry. "It's a tie. It's a tie, but no longer!!" says Dillon as he slams the air hockey puck in the goal against his sister.

But the bond between them is hard to break. A year and a half ago, they were removed from their home because of neglect and placed in foster care. "It hasn't been as hard on me as it has on Dillon because I got over it faster than him because it wasn't the first time we had been left behind. It's normal," explains Heather with a sad face.

Dillon says, "I used to live in a neighborhood and I'd run around with everybody, but now we live in the country in the foster home. There's pretty much nobody to play with or do anything with."

Staying together is very important to them. "Because I've grown up with her all my life. She's stuck up for me some and it wouldn't be right to live without her," says Dillon. Heather adds, "Because I love my brother very much. He's very cool and I would probably cry if I was split up from him because I really love my brother."

"Both of these children are so stable and their behaviors are so stable considering that they were raised with such instability. That's really a remarkable thing," says Judith Ward with Longview's East Texas CASA.

Dillon, 11 years old, enjoys being outside, fishing, swimming, and playing basketball. He does well in school, but needs a little help with math. But most of all, Dillon loves books. "I read a lot. I got the top in the sixth grade last year. I got commendations on my reading and even received a medal."

Heather, 13 years old, is also an excellent student getting straight As and academic recognition on the TAKS. "My favorite subject is writing. On the writing TAKS test I made a perfect score, 40 out of 40."

Heather also enjoys volleyball, singing and dancing and hanging out with friends; something she must give up each time she and her brother are forced to move. "All you can do is trust God and he'll get you through it. It's about all you can say because you never know what's coming next."

Faith is important to both of these children and their prayer, is that the Gift of Love is "coming next," including a remarkable family for these two remarkable children. "Oh, I love them to death. They're very easy to love, very easy." Judith goes on to say, "If you want children that will love you, respect you, bring a genuine love to your home, these are the kids. These are the kids!"

If you'd like to know more about Heather and Dillon call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.