Longview Family Sends Help Packages To Hurricane Victims

A Longview couple leaves tonight on a personal mission to provide relief for victims of hurricane Charley. The 160 packages that Diane Webb of Longview filters through today, are bound for Florida hurricane victims, specifically for who she believes are the most forgotten victims in any disaster, children.

"There isn't a lot out there that targets the small children... And I thought what would the impact be on my grandchildren be if they suddenly lost everything" Webb says.

She provides necessities to families like diapers, soap, and bottled water... But also toys and games for kids.

"In the beginning my husband and I funded over 3-quarters of it... There must be about 10 of us working very hard at it".

Webb was inspired to begin her non-profit company "Comfort Express", when California wildfires destroyed hundreds of homes last October. The organization is supported by donations and not only helps in national disasters but locally by donating to area crisis centers... And she gets her reward from the reactions of children.

"They asked me personally to hand a little girl her package... She said but why?... I just looked at her and said, because i love you... I think that's why I'm doing this" says Webb.

The packages also include a book penned by Webb, Mrs. Rabbit helping forest animals that have lost their homes. Webb and her husband are on the road right now. When they get to Fort Myers, sometime tomorrow, they will distribute more than 160 packages to children.

Bob Hallmark reporting.