HGTV Dream Home Progressing Quickly

This is the HGTV Dream Home. For the past few months more than 300 builders and constructions crews have worked tirelessly day and night to complete this 5000 square foot -- million dollar home in just a matter of months. Security around the home is tight. HGTV doesn't want anyone getting a look inside. But that doesn't mean people haven't tried, according to Mark Mahaffey of the Reserve at Lake Tyler, where the home is being built.

"We have local spies and we have national spies. We have spies that have gotten on the chat room and made connections with people on the lake to take digital pictures. But so far, no one has gotten a look inside, " says Mark though he and HGTV house planner Jack Thomasson did give us some exclusive details about the interior.

"We're using a lot of cedar which is from Texas inside and we have over 300 tons of stone," says mark.

"Inside you will see beams and lots of trim work, lots of wood, not a lot of dry wall," says Jack.

Both were pretty tight lipped though when it came to specifics.

"We do want it to be a surprise," says Jack.

"There are some large rooms which I can't tell you about but we have a great room, and you talk about a great room, it is the greatest you've ever seen in your life," says Mark.

In just a few weeks the decorating will begin, but plans are already in motion. Here designers are planning the master bath. But that's all were allowed to see or know for now, until the official unveiling on national TV on Dec. 31st on HGTV.