Ambulances Possible Terror Target

The very vehicles used to respond to emergencies in our country may be a target for terrorists.

Ambulances in East Texas are on alert.

Authorities in the Northeast U.S. are investigating at least four incidents, where people asked suspicious questions to emergency personnel.

Officials say terrorists in the Middle East have been using ambulances to deliver bombs on a regular basis.

ETMC in Tyler says it's taking extra precautions to make sure employees know where every ambulance is at all times.

"Obviously, you can't think like a terrorist thinks," Tony Myers, VP and COO of ETMC EMS, said. "Being in a rural area, we don't think so, but you never know. But also, we cover areas in Houston, Dallas, and our vehicles are all over the North and East Texas, so there's always the possibility."

Trinity Mother Frances says its EMT's are also on alert.

Julie Tam, reporting.