First Day Of School For Longview Kindergarten Students

It's the day some parents dread, but others look forward to the day kindergartners go off to school for the first time. Bramlette Elementary was filled with first time students as school got underway today in Longview. But new shoes and school supplies don't always make it easy to let go.

"First day of school. Are you ready," asks Raymond Wright as he lets his daughter out of the car.

Aalyah Wright has arrived. It's good bye to pre-school and hello to the big time... kindergarten. This day is so important, even Mayor Murray Moore showed up to greet the students.

Aalyah met her new teacher and like her immediately. She even made a new friend, Miayah.

"Her big brother helped her pick out which color shirt to wear this morning and which shoes," says Miayah's mother Latitia Miller.

While Aalyah's dad is glad his baby girl will make new friends, he does worry. "I worry about her running her little mouth and not paying attention. That's the only thing," says Raymond. But Aalyah denied that would ever be a problem for her.

Saying good bye to dad, for Aalyah, went fine. She got busy on a puzzle right away. But it wasn't an easy departure for everyone. Latitia and her daughter Miayah both cried as they hugged each other goodbye.

"I thought I was, that was something I was looking forward to until the day came and now I realized that there's no going back," says Latitia.

Amy Tatum, reporting.