Lindale football players are 'Huddled up for Reading'

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - It's Friday morning at Lindale High School.

Mike Meador is passing out football jerseys.

"When they put that jersey on it means something."

Normally, it means it's time to hit the field.

But not today.

"I wanted my kids to be involved with the smaller grades and the younger grades," said Meador. "So I was trying to find a way for them to be a part of it and go down there an interact with the kids."

Every Friday it happens.

Lindale football players head to the elementary, to read to children, half their age.

"They are excited, they are happy, their face just really lights up," said junior Fabi Molina. "They are happy that you are there to be there and read to them."

"To see the kids face light up like it did when they saw me walk in, that just really made me feel special as a football player," said junior David Slice.

But it's not just reading.

Activities with the children follow, adding to the childrens already larger than life view of the players.

"The come up to me and they are like, 'you're huge!' said junior Justin Young. "And they are just in awe, me wearing the jersey, being 5x bigger than them."

"Anytime a high school kid with a jersey comes in, they are in real awe of that student," said Meador.

So it was fitting, on this day, the theme was superheros.

Only to these children, the hero's didn't wear capes, they wore jerseys.

"It shows that football players can be role models in the community and how we can serve others, and serve the little kids," said Slice.

"It is good for us and good for the kids," said Molina. "We learn alot and they learn a lot, it is just helpful for everyone all around."

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