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Your Week in Viral Videos: The fools of April come to roost

(RNN) - It is likely that in your lifetime getting spanked by your mother will get old a lot quicker than April Fools' Day pranks.

Well, it should anyway. A grown man who played a cruel prank on his mom learned the hard way that he wasn't too old for some old fashioned tough love.

There is also another lesson here. Any person who knows his mom has that type of temper should really know better than to pull something like this.

You're gonna be a grandma!

Or not. Apparently, tricking the maternals is a popular thing to do on April 1.

Once again, people should take the personalities of their mothers into account before doing something like telling them a new baby is on the way.

No table scraps? Yeah, right

Two things are apparent here. First, this dog is going to get really sick after his owner makes a joke of feeding him peanut butter and frozen yogurt.

And second, this guy may have been - not saying he was - but it certainly seems like he was, umm, overly exuberant. Let's just leave it at that.

You're old, so what?

This is a little something for all the nonagenarians of the world.

Just to prove that life is not a slow haul toward the grave, two gamely old gents gave us something to stand up and cheer about.


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