Better East Texas: Kaufman murders

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - With the murder of the Kaufman County District Attorney and his wife recently, we are reminded how violent modern day America can be.

This pair of murders took place in, what is typically, a quiet area of the state, not a major metropolitan area or a big city – this is small town Texas.  This particular crime and gunning down of an Assistant District Attorney in January has put law enforcement on high alert across Texas and the southwest.

It is unbelievable to consider that our elected officials and law enforcement and their families are living in fear or, at the very least, apprehension.  Without a doubt, their adrenaline has to start pumping when someone they don't know approaches them in public or enters their neighborhood.

So we need to support law enforcement everywhere for the job they are doing and we all need to be aware of our surroundings and the people in them.  Brazen acts like these two shootings need to end and the perpetrators need to be brought to justice.  It is truly the only way to preserve our criminal justice system and the process of law.

Without it, we will fail as an organized society.

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