Search for escapees continues

We're continuing to work with Hopkins county officials to make sure you know the very latest about their search for two inmates who escaped from the county jail's recreation area today.  Since one of the men is in jail on a capital murder charge, they say they will search all through the night if that's what's necessary to bring them back to jail.  We'll have a new report on the search and the escape tonight at 10.

So many people kept telling us about this rescued dog in Tyler that could talk Bethany Moore decided she just had to go see what all of the fuss was about.  Tonight at 10, in a new report, she'll fill you in.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is tracking all of the rain that's moving through our area.  Tonight at 10, he'll have a new forecast that will let you know what you can expect from the weather where you live later tonight and early tomorrow morning.