Now You See It: VIRAL: Kung Fu Grandpa becomes YouTube sensation

A video posted on YouTube Friday already has over 5 million views...and climbing.

Aamon R. Miller, who goes by aamon17 on YouTube, posted a video from the Food Lion parking lot at Brook and Parham roads. What makes the video so impressive is the hilarious commentary.

"I'm just a regular person who has been blessed with the gift of gab," said Aamon Miller.

Miller has managed to use that gift to turn to a nimble, nunchuck-wielding Richmonder into a YouTube sensation.

"And I figured if I tell somebody this they are not going to believe me," said Miller. "So I just need to record it. I pulled up my cell phone. Kung Fu Grandpa. That was the first thing that came to my head."

"That's right," narrates Miller in the video. "I'm 58-63-years-old out here beside my pick truck at Food Lion and I will whip a fool upside his head."

Admittedly, the scene was surprising enough to make the Richmond pastor keep his distance.

"Honestly, I'm thinking it's the zombie apocalypse," remembers Miller. "It's the end of the world. This man is a soldier. He is ready to go and didn't nobody give me a memo."

Close to 6 million views later, the Kung Fu Grandpa's family reached out to Miller.

"And come to find out the reason he was doing kung fu in the parking lot is that he goes shopping with his girlfriend," recalls Miller. "But he hates to shop, and so while she is in the store shopping he gets out his nunchucks in the parking lot of whatever store they are at all over Richmond."

"One man, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, two nunchucks," narrates Miller. "Up in the air like Mary Lou Retton."

Miller has created shirts with the slogan. He says the entire thing was spontaneous, but he has done his homework.

"There is an actual game called Kung Fu Grandpa. So I won't be able to market that because I don't want anybody coming after me with nunchucks to sue me."

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