Better East Texas: IRS video

If your business had an extra 60-thousand dollars lying around what would you most likely do with it?

Well, if you are the I-R-S you might use the 60-thousand dollars from tax payers and make a training video that parodied "Star Trek" - essentially wasting the money, the I-R-S did just that back in two-thousand, ten.  The video just recently went public and it shows just how lose some government strings are even in a recession.  The tax-collecting agency has since apologized and admitted it was not good stewardship and, they added, they video would not be made today.  Which brings up another point,  the economy was actually in worse shape in 20-10 so it is impossible to understand why it was justified back then.

Now the government sequestration is setting the stage for furloughs of I-R-S employees later this year so this was and is an absolute waste of the tax payers' money and this is only an example of what we know about.  The reasoning to make such a video regardless of the economic situation is dreadfully inaccurate.  You can only hope that with the added publicity because of this gaff that things like this won't happen in the future…right.

A little responsibility at the I-R-S will save our country some money and make for a Better East Texas.

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