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'Rattlesnake Republic' star visits East Texas


A star of a uniquely Texas television show, all about those people who handle venomous serpents, visited East Texas. He's been bitten many times. But 62-year-old Jackie Bibby, star of Animal Planet's 'Rattlesnake Republic,' says he always has a healthy respect for rattlesnakes.

"There is of course danger in what I do, because I'm dealing with venomous reptiles which have the potential to kill you. 12 bites in 44 years is a lot of rattlesnake bites. We have to respect theses animals have the potential to hurt you," he says.

At Barefoot Bay Marina at Lake Bob Sandlin to do a live segment for his Animal Planet channel series, 'Rattlesnake Republic', his message was: even an expert can make a mistake with a venomous snake.

"Anytime you're dealing with a wild animal, that animal does not read a script. There's never any guarantee. That's why I have a prosthetic leg and some of the scars that I have," Bibby says.

Respect is one thing, but fear is something Bibby can not have.

"You can not be fearful to the point that its going to make you nervous, because these snakes are going to strike at two stimuli. Food and fear," he said.

'Rattlesnake Republic' airs on Sunday nights at 7 p.m. on Animal Planet.

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