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Beer, wine purchases could become easier for college students


College students soon may be able to buy their booze more quickly.

State lawmakers Thursday night passed a bill that would let cities decide how close stores that sell beer and wine could be to college campuses.

The goal is to give municipalities more local control, but it also means those stores could move closer to campuses like Georgia Tech.

Stacia Burke said too many underage college students already have access to alcohol. She asked, why make it easier?

"It's a bad idea in the sense that it condones underage drinking," burke said. "We all understand underage drinking is a problem."

Right now, stores can be within 100 yards of a campus

Anu Sekar a freshman at Tech said letting the stores move closer would send the wrong message. 

"It does more bad than good. It would definitely make the drinking problem much worse than it is," Sekar said.

Nicholas Bain, a sophomore, said stores should have the right to be as close as they want as long as they're only selling to customers of legal drinking age.

"People who are 21 shouldn't have their access to alcohol restricted," Bain said.  "Giving people access to something they already have, a legal right to access is good, so why not?"

The bill goes to Gov. Nathan Deal's office, where he can sign or veto it.

He also could do nothing and the bill would become law anyway.

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