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Got headaches? Try going to the dentist


More than 45 million Americans suffer from headaches and migraines according to the National Headache Foundation.

Now a new dental procedure is trying to change that.

It's a simple outpatient procedure that is changing the lives of those who suffer from chronic headaches.

"It's improved my headaches by 98 percent," Jim Morgan said.

"The pain level has definitely decreased," Venus Smith said.

 "I have not had a severe headache in 8 weeks. I have not had to take medicine in 8 weeks," Angela Hallmark said.

It's called TruDenta and you go once a week for treatment for 12 weeks.

"The TruDenta therapy is based around the bite force relationship. We found that the headaches ... a lot of them are due to the way your teeth come together and the forces," said Doctor Tad Morgan, who performers the TruDenta procedure.

Doctor Tad Morgan decided to look into the therapy because of his father, Jim.  

"My dad was having headaches, he was having three a day and taking 42 Excedrin a week. And when your family is hurting you find a solution whatever it takes," Dr. Morgan said.
Dr. Morgan and his staff perform four therapy techniques. First ultrasound therapy, followed by manual muscle therapy, then a microcurrent is applied and lastly cold laser therapy.   

"We relax the muscles and break the pain cycle. We break the pain cycle of the muscles to where we can get the bite adjusted," Dr. Morgan said.

 Jim Morgan, says although he's not done with his 12 sessions he can already feel the difference.
"It began helping immediately. The first week of treatment I had only seven headaches, second week of treatment I had only four headaches, in the past eight weeks I've only had five total headaches," Jim Morgan said.
Dr. Morgan hopes to continue to relieve headaches for others through this therapy.

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