Toll 49: How much is it going to cost you?

Happy Thursday, everyone!

We have lots going on here in the newsroom today, and here's just a sample for you:

The twenty-six mile toll road connects 110 in Whitehouse to I-20 in Lindale. There are multiple exits along the way for people traveling to 69 South, 155 South, a31 West and 54 West. We have some figures for you today. Check that out at 4.

At 5, TxDOT announced today that it plans to help keep open air traffic control towers initially set to close, including Tyler Pounds Regional Airport. We'll tell you what we know so far coming up.

And at 6, the Moore Family of Frankston is finally in their new home! It's been a long road since they lost their home to a falling tree in January. Their community came together to help them, and today we were with them as they toured their new home!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto will join us with the latest weather forecast to help you prepare for your weekend!

Speaking of weekend, here's a list for you of events around the area from Thursday through Sunday; check it out here.