East Texans Love Elvis

Meet Jerry Folden. He's one huge Elvis fan. He's even got a jukebox full of Elvis records in his home. Oh, and did we mention, he's got a whole room dedicated to the king.

"There just wasn't another like him. He was the only one and I just liked his music," says Jerry.

He's got everything from Elvis phones to photos. Plates to placards. Even an old program from when Elvis performed in Tyler at the Mayfield building on January 25, 1955.

But if you ask Jerry what his favorite piece is he'll say, "All of them."

So, what's his favorite song? "That's a hard question, I guess 'I did It My Way,'" says Jerry .

Jerry never once met Elvis or saw him in concert, but wishes he had. So what would he do if he could meet him today?

"I have no idea. I'd probably faint," he says.

Even though Elvis has been gone for 27 years, Jerry says it's like he's still alive at his home and that's just the way Jerry likes it.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.