ETMC Birthplace Celebrates 10 Years

ETMC's Family Birthplace celebrated 10 years of delivering babies.

And it so happens, another infant was born there today.

The first baby who was born at the birthplace is now 10 years old. A pair of twins born there also joined in the celebration.

ETMC's birthplace has delivered 66 sets of twins since its opening in August 1994. Nearly 6,000 babies have been born there.

One mother, whose three children were born at the birthplace, now wants to work there.

"I had a wonderful experience here," Wendy Chambless said. "The nurses were great. The whole atmosphere was wonderful. It has strived me to want to be a nurse now. So I'm going to nursing school so that I can work here on this floor."

During its 10 years, the ETMC Family Birthplace has delivered only one set of triplets.

Julie Tam, reporting.