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Sunman company to lay off dozens of workers


A Sunman, Indiana company is expected to lay off dozens of workers.

Deufol Incorporated informed the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, they would be letting go of 82 employees.

In a town with just about 1,000 people, you can imagine the impact the loss of this many jobs means to the area. Chandra Jarrell recently lost her job as an operator at Deufol. She says she and many others were given zero notice they were getting fired.

"They waited until the last minute so a lot of people got laid off without having another job lined up," Chandra Jarrell.

Deufol said in a statement that they lost a permanent loss of customer orders for data packaging services, forcing them to cut employees:

"As a result of unforeseen business circumstances, specifically the loss of a major customer on March 20, 2013, Deufol has experienced a permanent loss of customer orders for data packaging services from this customer, which has required us to reduced our operations and implement a reduction in force," the notice states. "While we remain hopeful that we will attract a new customer for these services, we have insufficient orders to continue data packaging operations at this time."

Jarrell and another former Deufol worker say they believe that customer may be Apple.

"It's an overwhelming fear I guess of well how am I going to make my bills," Jarrell.

Jarrell says she thinks a lot more temporary workers have been let go over the last several months, and the actual number of fired employees is much more than 82.

"Just little by little people were disappearing like the temporaries getting laid off, and then some of the full time just stopped coming because they knew. There were rumors going around of what was going on," Jarrell.

Angela Schath works at a salon downtown and says these layoffs will definitely have an impact on small businesses throughout the town.

"They save their money for other things, groceries and stuff because they're going to have to cut back on getting their hair done," Angela Schath.

Deufol said in a statement that they hope to attract a new customer for these services in the near future.

FOX19 reached out Deufol about just how many extra temporary employees may have lost their jobs, but has not received a response. All 82 workers losing their jobs over the next two weeks will be notified by April 5th.

Deufol's data packaging facility is located on South Meridian Street in Sunman.

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