East Texas hosts Disc Golf World Championship

It's just like regular golf, only, not.

"We have drivers, putters, midranges, discs that go left. discs that go right, discs for headwinds, it is a pretty complicated game and when you are shooting for the world championships, you want every kind of disc that you can have."

And it was all on display in Mt. Vernon.

More than 200 of the best disc golfers made their way to Selah Ranch, just north of Mt. Vernon, for the Amatuer World Doubles Championship.

"We lost the venue we have had it at the last few years and it was an absolute no brainer to bring the championships up here to Selah," said John Houck, a master disc golf course designer. "It is just the absolute best place in the world to play golf."

Houck isn't kidding.

He designed the two courses at Selah Ranch.

Recently, they were ranked as the #1 and #2 disc golf courses in the world.

"People are loving it here and I think most of them are planning on coming back," said Houck.

"Already in the first year we have had players visiting from 35 states to these two courses," said John's wife Dee, the CEO of Circular Productions.

The executive director, Brian Graham, of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PGDA) was in attendance, all the way from Augusta, Georgia.

"This is just a phenomenal facility, and we just could not be happier to be here," said Graham.

So happy, the PDGA hopes to make East Texas, the future home of the World Championship.

After all, the best players want to play on the best courses.

And the best in the world is right here in East Texas.

"There is always a bit of nervousness when you go to a new facility," said Graham. "But we had full confidence in their abilities and we already knew that the courses here at Selah Ranch are two of the best in the world."

"We really wanted to showcase the community who has done so much for this event to draw more tourism," said Dee Leekha-Houck. "The impact of disc golf in this county is going to be substantial and long term."

Her husband John summed it up best, "I think all in all we are going to be real happy with how it all turned out."

Selah Ranch is located just off Hwy 37 a few miles north of Mt. Vernon.

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