East Texan shoots free throws for 24 straight hours

CHANDLER, TX (KLTV) - At First Assembly of God Church in Chandler, Tom Booth believes he can make a difference, one shot at a time.

"Everyone has a talent and should use that talent anyway they can to help people out," said Booth. "My talent is to shoot free throws."

Booth will shoot free throws for 24 straight hours.

It's the 3rd year Booth has taken on the challenge "Free Throws for Souls."

Every make, means money earned, all to be donated to a local food pantry and sports missionary.

"First year we raised $6,000 with it and last year a little over $11,000 so why not set it at $20,000 and see if we can make it." said Mark Fulks, the pastor at First Assembly of God Church in Chandler. "If we made $500 or $20,000 it is still going to go to a good cause."

A cause that is gaining national attention.

Booth's free throw marathon has garnered donations from from all over the country.

"Donations from New York, got some this morning from Georgia and from Iowa, that's social media for you, people want to give to a good cause," said Fulks.

"Each year it has gotten just a litte bit bigger, it just takes time," said Booth.

Whether right handed, or left or even underhand, Booth will continue to shoot.

He started at 6:00 a.m. Friday and will finish at the same time Saturday morning.

Ignoring his own pain, he plans to help bring comfort to those who need it.

"Lead by example and hopefully someone will see this and be inspired by it," said Booth.

"That is what we want people go get out of this," said Fulks, "That there are still good people in this world."

People like Tom Booth, doing his part, one make at a time.