Strong Man Living In East Texas

For Andy Moscola, working out is no easy task.  You see, when you're attempting to be one of the strongest men in the world, you sometimes use extreme amounts of weight. In a recent workout of his calves he used not one, not two, but three grown men to add enough weight to the sled. We're talking weights reaching 1500 pounds. At Premiere Fitness in Tyler, a trophy Andy won in 2000 is on display. It's for winning a bench press competition, benching 700 pounds. He's got 22 inch arms, and a 28 inch neck, and he weighs in at 330 pounds. But he's quick to point out, it didn't happend overnight.

"I started lifting 20 years ago weighing 168 pounds," said Moscola.

After years of powerlifting competitions, and blowing out a shoulder and a tricep muscle, he decided a few years ago to branch out into strong man competitions.

"Because it's not just using one area. It's using your whole body," said Moscola.

When working out, he draws a crowd, but it doesn't bother him.  He likes to be a positive influence.

"If it can grab their attention and keep them out of trouble," said Moscola.  "I always try to help whowever I can."

His next goal is to qualify for the Met-RX World's Strongest Man Competition in South Africa.

Kevin Berns reporting.