Proud Of East Texas-John Vickers

What kind of world is there for a nine year old boy who's unable to see anything but light and dark? John Vickers' world is full of learning, travel, adventure and most of all art.

When the Northeast Texas Center for the Arts opened in Athens a year ago, Vickers was one of the very first students to sign up and there is nothing in the arts that he hasn't tried there. He paints, sculpts, throws pots on the wheel and makes intricate mosaic crosses, boxes and vases.

This nine year old with the big smile and inquisitive mind has become an inspiration to other center students who range in ages from four to eighty. Gallery and open studio director, Charlie Bullock, says Vickers is "totally unafraid to think and do out of the box" and no one who knows him ever thinks of him as "handicapped".

Lisa Vickers says it's been difficult not to be over protective of her son but he's proven to her that a disability doesn't have to be a handicap. For nine year old John Vickers, the world is his oyster and he's determined to taste every bite.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.