Elvis Fan Remembers The King

Monday is the 27th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death. The king of rock 'n roll died August 16, 1977. Many will be remembering Elvis tomorrow, but we found one East Texan who thinks about him every day.

Elvis is in the building, in every form imaginable.

"I have an Elvis trivia game. I have an Elvis Monopoly game. I have a sculpture puzzle of Elvis," said Debra Creecy, who says she's the biggest Elvis fan in East Texas.

There's so much of Elvis, he needed his own room.

"I love his music. And I think he's gorgeous," Creecy said.

Creecy's birthday is the day after Elvis', her sister got married across the street from Graceland, and nearly everyone in her family is an Elvis fanatic, except for her children.

"They're kind of, it's old because Mom's overdid it," she said. "My husband thinks I'm crazy for worshipping a dead man. Maybe I'm crazy."

Tomorrow, Creecy says she plans to listen to Elvis' music all day long.

Julie Tam, reporting.  jtam@kltv.com