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Your Week in Viral Videos: March isn't as mad as the weather

(RNN) – Do you have trouble understanding why people are so wild about NCAA Tournament basketball?

Think of it this way. You know how guys get all uptight before watching "a really important game?" Now imagine that really important game stretches out over three weeks.

If you're still having trouble, someone from the far end of the nerd spectrum can probably put it in simpler terms.


This woman gave what is possibly the world's greatest on-camera analysis of a severe weather event.

It would not surprise us at all if she was a relative of Sweet Brown. Oh, we can hear the auto-tune remix coming.


This young man pulled a martial arts move out of his karate gi that belongs in a video game or an awesomely epic movie about an underdog that takes down unlikeable bullies.


In the John Madden tradition of using a telestrator to analyze the most meaningless things imaginable, we have this gem, NBA analyst Chris Webber diagramming a guy's efforts to keep an ice cream cone away from his girlfriend.

Brilliant, Chris, but you didn't even tell us what type of ice cream it was. That looks like mint chocolate chip.


The promotional video for the Anti-Defamation League's centennial celebration is original and thought-provoking.

There's a lot of work to do before we reach the type of ideal expressed here, but hope in any form is a positive.

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