Better East Texas: Spring weather

(KLTV) - Springis finally here, at least according to the calendar.  But if you were to judge by the weather,would you say spring is here?

It dependson where you are in the country on how you answer that question, but more thanlikely you would say spring is late or hasn't even arrived at all.  The eastern half of the country remains coldand you can't watch TV or check news sources on the internet without getting ablast of severe weather stories.

So, spring is here and while it seems like it has been colder than normal,statistics show the average temperature to be about two degrees above normaland what about severe weather?  Every dayand night, we are bombarded with dramatic video footage of golf ball-sized hailand funnel clouds.

Now it makes for goodtelevision, but in 2012 the number of tornadoes in the U-S was actually thelowest number in the past 10 years. That's right.

So while climatechange may indeed be happening, it is as more our ability to document weatherthat frames our weather perspective and it is not such a bad thing but we doneed to keep it in perspective and keep in mind there are plenty of nationalweather folks that make it seem like the sky is falling every day andnight.

So keep the watching the weatherbut know the headlines are only part of the story.

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