Now You See It: School bus driver kicks special needs student down steps

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL (BAYNEWS9/CNN) - A school bus driver in Florida is out of a job after getting a student back for slapping her.

Police say the bus driver kicked the student down the stairs of the bus.

A camera above the bus driver seat captured it all.

You can see the eight-year-old special needs student on the far right of the screen trying to get off the bus.

According to police, bus driver Stephanie Wilkerson tells her it's not her turn.

The student slaps Wilkerson and pushes her.

Then police say what you see next is Wilkerson kicking the girl down the bus stairs.

We don't hear anything on the video, but police say Wilkerson can be heard saying,

"I'd buy a belt, if she were mine she would not hit adults ever again."

And that's not the end of this.

Once Wilkerson gets back in the driver's seat, she's eating and driving with one hand!

School leaders were obviously not happy and have fired Wilkerson.

The incident took place in October of 2012.

Court records show the bus driver entered a not-guilty plea.

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