Gift of Love: Rayden

It was an afternoon of adventure as Rayden made this way through the Discovery Science Center. This 6 year old little boy loves to learn about new things.

"Rayden, he loves playing with blocks. he's a little bit of an adventurous child for his age. he likes being outside. he loves going to chuck e. cheese. it's his favorite restaurant," adoption worker Tara Biggers said.

We enjoyed exploring the ambulance and even found time to have a pretend bite to eat. One thing is for sure, Rayden is always on the move!

"he likes listening to you read books with him and you interacting with him," Biggers said.

Rayden loves attention. Rayden is also a child with special needs. He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, developmental and speech delays and he also suffers from a seizure disorder among other things. Rayden is required to wear a helmet as long as he is up and about. Rayden deserves a family just like any other child looking for their forever family.

"Rayden will need a two parent home that is going to be patient due to his special needs which he has several. he needs someone that is going to be able to meet those needs with is very important," Biggers said.

A family that will accept him for who he is and will show him the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Rayden and other East Texas children available for adoption call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.