Another Major Republican Leader Campaigns For Gohmert

District 1 Congressional Candidate Louie Gohmert got the backing from a yet another national leader of the Republican party this week.

Chairman of the National GOP Congressional Committee Tom Reynolds spoke at a Gohmert campaign rally, Saturday in Longview.

Reynolds is the third major republican leader to speak on gohmert's campaign trail this week. Reynolds says a Gohmert victory in Novemeber would benefit the entire Republican party.

"It adds to our republican majority and we're excited about that," said Congressman Reynolds. "I know Texas would be pleased to see a strengthening of the Republican position, of Republicans to help President Bush and his agenda. So we look at it as a win all the way around."

Earlier this week US Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and House Majority Whip Roy Blunt spoke on Gohmert's behalf.

In May, Vice President Dick Cheney spoke at a fundraiser for Gohmert in Longview.

Maya Golden reporting