Freedom Fighters: Dr. Sam Houston

It's been said that "no event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then and it is misremembered now."

Dr. Sam Houston served as a flight surgeon in Vietnam from 1965 until 1971. His first impressions of Vietnam were of hordes of mosquitoes and dibilitating heat and humidity. In spite of this, the hardest thing to bear was being away from his family. Houston and his group were assigned to set up a field hospital on the coast of the South China Sea. There, they would stabalize the wounded and send them on to hospitals in the states. Although Houston says he was in a relatively safe area, there was constant danger from hand grenades thrown into vehicles and dropped over walls.

Ironically, most of Houston's personal confrontations came about when he was transferred to a military hospital in San Francisco. When he and fellow serviceman went out in public, they were often spat upon and taunted. Heroes don't always come home to brass bands and parades, but the role they play in securing our freedom shouldn't, and won't be, forgotten.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.